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 Party Only / Farming Zones

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PostSubject: Party Only / Farming Zones   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:38 pm

Well there will be some custom zones and some custom mobs on them. Wink

Party Only zones, will have strong mobs, with nice drops(find for yourself), but impossible for solooing. You may need bishop, and a balanced party members(lvl 76+).
Watchout, cause there are aggro mobs.
The zones are:
Under Village, Chromatic Highlands(both fully configurated), and Primeval Island(needs configuration, problem with teleport).
For this zones there is a teleport in the gatekeeper.

Farming zones, will have balanced mobs, possible to solo, with nice adena drops.(level 70+)
The zones are:
Nornil's Cave, Parnassus, Isle of Prayer(all configurated)
For this zones there's a teleport in the gatekeeper too.

There can be changes later, with previous warning, followed with update to this post.

GM (Developer) MobLover
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Party Only / Farming Zones
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