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 Bounty Pk Hunt Event

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PostSubject: Bounty Pk Hunt Event   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:05 pm

Well, this event is hunt the pk.
A GM will become pk, and have some things in the bag. Hunt and kill the GM. From then on, the hidden items in gm's bag will be droped to the floor when he dies. If you have luck, may be you pick something nice Wink
When the event is under way, its absolutelly forbidden to pk each other. Pk's will be killed right away.
Prices will be decided at the time of the event, by the staff, according to the people participating, being many people = higher price.
There is no level limitations, but it will be difficult to a level 10(for example) to kill the gm.

The rules can be changed anytime, with previous warning.

GM (Developer) MobLover
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Bounty Pk Hunt Event
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