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 Simon Says Event

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PostSubject: Simon Says Event   Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:56 pm

Well, most of you must know how this type of event works.
Its just like the name specifies.
For Example: the Gm's will announce Simon Says sit. All of you must sit. Who do not does it will be eliminated. another example: Simon Says walk north. All of you must WALK, not run, North. Watchout cause we gm's will make some traps, so pay VERY attention to what we say Wink
This type of events will be previously announced.
The location as well as the price will be decided at the time of the event.
There is no level limit. Everyone can participate in this type of event.

There can be changes to the rules any time, with previous warning.

GM (Developer) MobLover
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Simon Says Event
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